Calfstronaut and the Computer Bug Infection
Price: $5.99Developer: Orbital Cows Software

Calfstronaut's computer is being attacked by vicious viruses! Help Calfstronaut by clicking on the viruses to destroy them, but be careful not to click on malicious code segments that make you lose the game.

Calfstronaut and the Computer Bug Infection is an intuitive point-and-click game that is fun for the whole family.

Lucky's Puzzle Carnival
Price: $5.99Developer: Orbital Cows Software

The Mad Magician was fired and has cursed Lucky's Puzzle Carnival! To bypass the curse, you must solve diabolical puzzles before each stop on the world tour.

  • Color Mix: Mix colors to match 3 in a row.
  • Memory Search: Match cards to find posters.
  • Unmix: Swap rows to organize circus mats.
Price: $5.99Developer: Orbital Cows Software

Patient B-145A is under attack by armies of germs! This is a Breakout game where the "bricks" are germs that slowly descend to destroy you. Keep the ball moving and gather power ups to destroy the germs that have infected your patient before it's too late!

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